The Mission of the Catholic American Community of St. Patrick‚Äôs Church in Rome:

United by our Catholic faith and English language, we celebrate and live together the faith of Saints Peter and Paul founded in this holy city of Rome.  We welcome those who come to Rome as pilgrims and tourists seeking to grow in their Catholic faith celebrated in language and ways familiar to them. We reach out to those in our city who depend on others for the compassion that leads to human dignity and opportunity. We join in ecumenical collaboration with those of other Christian traditions to know and live our gospel faith most fully.

 All of our Masses are at the St. Patrick's Church/Chiesa di San Patrizio, Via Boncompagni, N. 31 (00187 Rome, Italy). 

Our Mass schedule is:  Monday through Friday at 6 PM,

the Saturday Vigil Mass at 6 PM and Sunday morning at 9 AM and 10:30 AM



All of our Masses are in English. Click here for Map and Public Transportation to St. Patrick's Church. 

(Our mailing address is: Paulist Fathers, Via Antonio Salandra 6, 00187 Rome, Italy).         

Please note that Metro stop BARBERINI is still closed, and that Metro A system will be completely closed August 4-25.   We do not know when Barberini will reopen however.  So either come to St. Patrick's by bus, by taxi (tell them Via Boncompagni at Via Piemonte) or by walking


To contact us, click here.   We do not list our email addresses, but if you click on "here" or the names below, it will set up an email response for you.    Our new office telephone number is:  (+39)  06.8881.8727.  Our Fax Number is:  (+39) 06.474.0236

We hope that the 2019-2020 edition of As Romans Do will be ready by November 2019.  Please be patient with us until its publication is announced.