Work is already underway for the St. Nicholas Serata for Charity, which is set for December 5, 2020. Where will it be held?  The answer is Everywhere!  Yes, it will be a Virtual St. Nicholas Serata, based in our own Tara Hall, live-streamed on Zoom.  It will include our usual raffle, silent auction (the bidding will begin a full week before), beautiful centerpieces that can be bid on, live music, most of our usual decorations and Christmas trees, and special guest stars, plus videos about the charities we are continuing to support.  So what you can you do?  While you are on vacation (or wherever you can go this summer) please consider purchasing or gently seeking donations for our Silent Auction in the areas of art, agriturismo, hotels, restaurants, fashion, beauty products, specialty foods, book sets, a day at a spa or anything else that people would love to bid on.  You might do better at the end of the summer when things are a little more settled. This is an opportunity to have the most unusual, creative and original St. Nicholas Serata for Charity EVER!  Please help support Fr. Steve Petroff, Fr. Joe Ciccone and the long-serving dedicated and brilliant members of the Serata Organization Committee. 

Now is the time to begin thinking about how you would like to be involved.  Remember that the entire proceeds for the St. Nicholas Charity Serata 2020 go directly to specific Roman charities and does not go to the operating expenses of St. Patrick’s Parish Community.  See our special website:  www.stnicholasserata.org for photos and videos of past Seratas! 


The previous St. Patrick's Community St. Nicholas Charity Serata  was Saturday, December 7, 2019.  This is the annual fundraising event held at Marymount International School of Rome as part of the community’s commitment to reach out to the poor and homeless of the larger community. While it is often difficult for members of our community to volunteer time to the various charities due to language differences, the entire community can participate in this event to raise money for these important organizations. Each year, as close as possible to the feast of St. Nicholas (December 6th), the Patron Saint of the Poor and Homeless, we hold a gala dinner dance, raffle and silent and live auction. Over the last several years, the great success of this event has come from the commitment, creativity and energy of the members of our community. On a wintry Saturday evening in December, the parish sponsors this annual Roman charity fundraising event at Marymount International School. The Serata follows a tradition begun well over 60 years ago with the Santa Susanna Bazaars, sponsored by the Santa Susanna’s Ladies Guild.

More than ever, this year's Serata was an incredibly uplifting event emphasizing that our community's generosity and compassion knows no bounds. The food was very good this year as was the service and we are grateful to the Pedevilla administration and staff for their generosity and hard work. Adding to this was the very elegant décor, the snappy music, the award winning dancing, the exciting Foto Booth, the high powered live auction, the dramatic raffle for the iPhone11 Pro, Weekend for Two in Amsterdam and the Two Nights at the Argentaria Spa (the winners are: Natalie Orlando, Guia Peverini and Aniko Rabi), along with the amazing silent auction. It was a phenomenal Serata. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard to make this such a beautiful beginning of the Christmas season and to help the six charities that do so much to help others. And thank you for all of your wonderful donations as well as to those who helped set up and decorate and for the extra help on Sunday cleaning up and transporting all the decorations and supplies back to the Church and Rectory.

In gratitude to our Sponsors and Patrons:

The Fondazione Duca e Duchessa di Valverde; Greg Redington and Michele Modestino; the Anonymous Donors of the I-Phone 11 Pro for the Raffle; My Best Tour, the Church of St. Paul’s Within the Wall Episcopal Church, Victor & Daniela Simpson and all those who made special financial donations to our Charities

Extra special thanks to our Serata Organizing Committee:

Alessandra Azzolini, Margaret Bissett, Sara D’Aietti, Kissy Dugan, Camilla Finocchi D'Ayala Valva, Claudia Frasca, Isabella Gasparutti, Carolina Gualtieri, Natalie Humphreys, Tea Kunstelj, Joan Lewis, Linda Modinger, Monica Fregogna Mongiello, Nichole Parker, Teresa Pascarelli, Father Steve Petroff, Simonetta Rossi Riviere and our CEO, Father Greg Apparcel.

We thank our Auction Team and Donations Committee, led by Camilla Finocchi D'Ayala Valva, Natalie Humphreys and Alessandra Azzolini; our Decoration Committee, especially Simonetta Rossi, Monica Fregogna and Michela Tosi for the beautiful centerpieces, and the team (Claudia & Monica) who spent all day Wednesday and Thursday preparing and transporting the theme baskets; Marco Olivieri and Sara & The Doormats; the 30 individuals who spent the weekend decorating the Grand Ballroom and Massimo Carrarini and Henryk Jacak for their electrical expertise; Maurizio Taddei & Roberto Battistini for the gold columns; Elisabetta Savignano and Jasmin Zarineh; Rocco Sbardella for the use of his Music Room for our band; and the staff and administration of Marymount International School, especially Jonathan Calvert, Andrea Mele, Metronotte Security, Marie-Catherine Letendre for the placecards, and Jackie O’Farrell for our EC Grand Entrance.

We are grateful to all those who prepared and served the gala dinner.  It was prepared especially for the Community of St. Patrick’s Church by  Head Chef Pasquale Varricchione with Chefs Emanuele Mancini, Davide Brunelli, Vincenzo Feoli and the Staff of Pedevilla, under the supervision of Carmine Rauzzino, and the service of Mr. Angelo Alivernini and his Wait Staff, with the kindness, creativity and generosity of Mr. Nicola Pedevilla, Mr. Alfonso Pedevilla, Mr. Andrea Aloisi, Mr. Gilberto Bresciani and Ms. Francesca De Ciantis. We are very grateful for the generosity of the entire Pedevilla S.p.A. (La generosità della Pedevilla ci consente di essere più prodighi verso gli Istituti Caritatevoli beneficiari del nostro aiuto.)

The recipients of this Serata are truly grateful for everything that was done for them.

Finally, we express our gratitude to Sarah Gallagher, the Head of School for Marymount International School, and to Sr. Michaeline O’Dwyer, RSHM and all the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary for their abundant generosity to this St. Nicholas Serata and the St. Patrick’s Community.

Photos of the event are on our homepage, and will soon be on our special website:

St. Nicholas Charity Serata website!



FrGreg Parishioners work for months gathering donations, selling raffle tickets, planning innovative lighting and decoration, and promoting and publicizing the Serata. We receive auction donations from our current and past parishioners, as well as from visitors, friends and relatives throughout the world. Many of these alumni and friends also buy raffle tickets and occasionally win one of the prizes! 

St. Patrick's Community Charities Supported by the Saint Nicholas Charity Serata:

Fondazione Arché

Though initially founded to help women and children who were HIV positive, Archè’s focus has shifted to helping victims of domestic violence. They meet these women in the hospitals (e.g. Bambino Gesu) where they seek medical treatment and protection from their violent husbands. Arché helps to move them to Arché’s safe houses with their children. Many are immigrants who have been here for a few years. Some of their husbands are in prison. They and their children are given food, shelter, education and job opportunities – the goal is to help them live autonomously and to raise their children without fear. It is an amazing operation led by Padre Giuseppe Bettoni, the President of the Foundation. The well trained staff and volunteers who work with Arché in both Rome and Milan are very dedicated. Via Oderzo 24, 00182 Roma. Tel. 06.7725.0350. 


Fondazione Internazionale Don Luigi Di Liegro

One of the Foundation’s main programs involves community outreach to mental health patients who are at different levels of recovery. The state sends these individuals to the Fondazione Di Liegro to help them socialize and creating relationships and a sense of belonging to part of a group. Each day a different therapy is offered: music, theater art, sewing, photography, cooking. They sing, they paint, they play percussion instruments, they make clothes, they put on plays, they create meals and they go around Rome taking photographs. When they first come to these sessions, many of these men and women (aged 25-75) are very shy and distant. By the end of the program they talk with one another and with the volunteers and hug each other goodbye. This program, which our donations support, affects up to 500 individuals with 2000 volunteers. There is also a Coffee Club for people with Alzheimers on Wednesday afternoons. The staff and volunteers give workshops on mental health in schools and they offer a Peer Education program in the middle schools for students to help one another. Via Ostiense 106, 00154 Roma. Tel. 06.6792669, 06.93572111. www.fondazionediliegro.com


The Joel Nafuma Refugee Center (JNRC)

This center is just down the street at St. Paul's Within the Walls Episcopal Church on Via Nazionale and in Via Napoli. This is a day center for refugees and asylum seekers living in Rome. Each day they welcome 200-250 people, half of whom are homeless. They provide a refuge where they can recharge and recuperate and they offer many services such as breakfast, hygiene product & clothing distribution, computer skills, language literacy classes, and employment clinic & job skills training. They have recently invited women to participate. As another center no longer has day care nurseries, these women have no place to leave their babies when searching for work. The Center is interested in offering such a service. Our future donation can help make this project a reality. Over the years, the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center has grown and offers many wonderful programs and assistance. Via Napoli 58, 00184 Roma. 06.4883339. www.jnrc.it


Centro Astalli Refugee Center

Located on Via Astalli (near the Piazza Venezia and behind the Gesu) Centro Astalli occupies the lower floors of the Jesuit Residence. This outreach to refugees began in 1981 and has grown to this day. Men, women and children from 30-40 countries come to the Center. Most are refugees seeking asylum from war torn countries. They come from Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Afghanistan and the countries from Northern Africa, plus from many other places. The Center serves a pranzo from 3:00 to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday (200-300 persons per day). In 2017, they served 59,908 meals. The staff and volunteers also offer assistance with the exams and interviews these individuals must go through with the Comune in order to remain in Italy or to move north. The staff’s role is to accompany, serve and defend those who come to them for help. There is also medical and legal assistance, as well as classes in computers and language and many, many other services. The Fondazione Astalli also sponsors other Houses of Welcome in different parts of the city, including the Casa di Giorgia in Via Laurentina, plus houses in San Saba and the Salaria area. In 2017, these houses lodged almost 200 people and more than 60 families. The staff of Centro Astalli give great importance to recognizing the humanity of each of the refugees. Via Astalli 14 A, 00186 Roma. Tel. 06.678.1246. www.centroastalli.it.




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