St. Patrick's English-Language Library Re-Opens on Sunday, November 5,2017


For over sixty years, the Santa Susanna English-Language Lending Library has been a part of the life of the city of Rome. This library was created as a ministry of the American parish of Santa Susanna staffed by the Paulist Fathers and most importantly has continued to exist because of the generous service of volunteers, as well as the donations of books, new and used, from members. The  NEW St. Patricks’s English-Language Library has now moved to our new location:  St. Patrick's Church (San Patrizio), Via Boncompagni, N. 31, near the corner of Via Boncompagni and Via Piemonte near the US Embassy and the Via Veneto. Our NEW regular hours are:  Sundays 10 AM to 12:30 PM, Tuesdays 11 AM -2 PM, Wednesdays 3-6 PM, and Thursdays 11 AM -3.30 PM.    So consider:  becoming a member!  Becoming a Library Volunteer!   Join us for our Winter Used Book Sale, running through February 28 during our operational hours, to find great books, DVDs, CDs and more at great prices. We are actively seeking volunteers and book donations, and urge you to become a library member if you aren’t already. For more information, please stop by the library after the Sunday 10:30 mass, call us via the office phone at 06.8881.8727 or contact Sally Richards at . Please think about joining our library and read that one book that could possibly change your life!!  



Funding for utilities, staff, cleaning, insurance, supplies all come from the membership subscriptions. The library has memberships for three months (27.50 euros), six months (35 euros) or twelve months (45 euros),  with an additional but returnable deposit of 40 euros.  All memberships allow an eight (8) book limit for a four (4) week borrowing period (with no renewals). Subjects include a large section on Italy, biographies, romances, mysteries and thrillers. Also, the library hosts used book sales four times a year. This is a great chance to obtain some wonderful books that help the library pay its bills and running costs.

Please know that the entrance to the new library will be on the right side of the Church (under the sign "Tara Hall" with only six steps down into the library, just past the ugly Christmas tree.)  You will no longer have to walk up two full flights of stairs! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer,  please contact Sally at the Library during hours (392.332.5383) or by email.  Please click here for Map and Directions to St. Patrick's Church (San Patrizio).  You can now reach the library through the St. Patrick's Office Number:  06.8881.8727.

Mass Times and Directions

Masses in English with the American Community are now permanently at the Church of St. Patrick (Chiesa di S. Patrizio a Villa Ludovisi), Via Boncompagni 31. Click here for our New Mass schedule at St.Patrick's. For Holy Days and special Liturgies (including our Christmas/New Year's Schedule), see also special Mass times.

Papal Audiences

On most Wednesdays throughout the year, Pope Francis holds a public audience in St. Peter's Square in front of St. Peter's Basilica. To request tickets to the Wednesday Papal Audience, please click here .


To make donations to St. Patrick's American Community in Rome, you can click on the secure PayPal/Credit card "DONATE" link below.

As Romans Do


Unfortunately we have no more copies of our Jubilee edition (2017/2018) of As Romans Do, our periodic guide for pilgrims to Rome. Much of the information in this Guide Book is on our website. We hope that the 2019-2020 edition of As Romans Do will be ready by Easter 2019.  Please do not request the 2019 edition at this time but wait until it's publication is announced. Click for more info!

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