Future of St. Patrick's English-Language Library 


For over sixty years, the Santa Susanna English-Language Lending Library has been a part of the life of the city of Rome. This library was created as a ministry of the American parish of Santa Susanna staffed by the Paulist Fathers and most importantly has continued to exist because of the generous service of volunteers, as well as the donations of books, new and used, from members.  In September 2017, we moved the entire library (books, bookshelves, desks, tables and chairs) from Via XX Settembre 15 to Via Boncompani 31. Dedicated Library Volunteers and Parishioners worked very hard to make this transition. It became St. Patrick’s English-Language Library and is located in Tara Hall below the Church.

Unfortunately, the library has not had much use in the past two years.  We have less than 20 paying members and very few volunteers, and we lack a Library Director. In fact, the parish itself has been supplementing the library for the past few years, and more so since we moved from Santa Susanna.  With Amazon, Kindles, iPhones and other electronic means to read, we have basically become a used book store, which is not our purpose. And so the Parish Council has decided that it is time to close the library. This is very sad, but we have no other alternative. This will happen on February 29, 2020.



Until then, we will have extensive Book Sales.  Our Final Used Book Sale will be from February 9 until February 27 during opening hours:  Sundays 10 AM to 12:30 PM, Wednesdays 3-6 PM, and Thursdays 11 AM -3.30 PM.   We are no longer able to accept donations of used books because we are overloaded and trying to reduce our inventory.  So please, do not bring these to us.

I have been involved in the library since I first arrived in August of 1996 and Fr. Sean Foley asked me to work with the volunteers.  The Santa Susanna/St. Patrick’s Library has been of great service to the larger Roman community for decades and many of you who have been here for a while have great memories, as do I.  The space will continue to be used for Religious Education classes for both children and adults. 


You can  reach the library through the St. Patrick's Office Number:  06.8881.8727.   Please click here for Map and Directions to St. Patrick's Church (San Patrizio).