Rev. Greg Apparcel

Fr. Greg Apparcel, Rector "Emeritus" of St. Patrick's Church (Chiesa di San Patrizio a Villa Ludovisi) and Chaplain to the US Faithful Residing in Rome from 2004 to 2020.  On August 1, 2017, St. Patrick's officially became "A Mission for the Care of Souls of the US faithful residing in Rome or visiting the city,"  and Fr. Greg became Rector of the Church and Chaplain to this mission.

He led the American Community in Rome from their historical home at Santa Susanna's to their new home at St. Patrick's Church.

Father Greg’s grandfather was born in Martina Franca, a 14th Century medieval village in the Puglia region of Italy. In fact, he considers all of Puglia his ancestral home, especially the Salento area on the southern Adriatic coast.  Born in Alhambra, California, just down the road from Hollywood, a love of the film industry became an early part of Father Greg’s identity. He received his degree in these fields from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and later earned a Master’s degree in Public Health Education (also at UCLA) before entering the Paulist seminary in 1978. Having earned an M.A. in Theology from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., Father Greg was ordained a priest in May of 1983 and served first as Chaplain at Clemson University in South Carolina and then as Assistant Pastor at Old St. Mary’s Church in San Francisco.  During this time he earned a third Master’s degree in Pastoral Liturgy from Santa Clara University. In 1992, Father Greg joined Paulist Productions and the Humanitas Prize organization for four years, and then on to Rome. 

Fr. Greg will now be continuing his Paulist ministry back home in the United States. We wish him all the best and will miss him.

Father Greg Apparcel was the Vice-Rector of Santa Susanna from 1996-2003.  In 2003 he returned to Los Angeles, where he had worked prior to coming to Rome, and became the Vice-President of Paulist Productions.  He assisted in the research, selling and making of religious films and documentaries for television. However, the call was strong to come back to Rome, and when the offer was made to be the new rector, Father Greg said “yes” immediately.

In April 2005, Fr. Greg assisted CNN International in covering the days following the death of Pope John Paul II.  This included the Pope’s funeral, the opening of the Conclave and the announcement of the new Pope, Benedict XVI.  The closure of Santa Susanna on July 5, 2013 changed Fr. Greg’s mission in Rome.  He focused his attention on doing everything possible so that the Catholic American community in Rome can return to its home Church. When that proved to be impossible after four years in exile, Fr. Greg helped to negotiate to move the American parish to its new permanent home: St. Patrick’s Church. His email address is: