The welcoming voice on the other end of the phone here at St. Patrick's Church is our parish secretary, Rosanna.Rosanna She is at the very heart of everything that happens at our parish and visitor center. If anyone knows the details or an event or program, it is Rosanna! Over the last nineteen years Rosanna has acquired quite an expertise in visitor issues and questions about Rome! Not only was she surrogate mother to hundreds of American volunteers during the Jubilee Year 2000 but she has rescued many an American, confused or disoriented, who wanders into our office. Rosanna has the most extensive email network of anyone in the parish! She can also answer your questions about the current Jubilee of Mercy.

She was born in Cairo Egypt and is fluent in English, Italian, French and Arabic. When not at her desk in the Santa Susanna office next to the church, she is busy working on her License in Theology.

Rosanna is absolutely masterful in answering many basic questions about Rome and under her guidance, she has rescued many pilgrims and visitors. She knows the pope's schedule and can tell you when he will and will not be in Rome.  The new phone number for the Parish Office of St. Patrick's American Parish is (+39) 06.8881.8727.

She can also assist with the paperwork for upcoming weddings at St. Patrick's and is Fr. Greg's right hand! Rosanna also handles tickets for papal events. But be aware that our secretary is very busy and she will respond to you as quickly as she can! That is when she is not paying bills, keeping the parish correspondence, giving out audience tickets and directing traffic in the church.

Rosanna's office brand new phone number is (+39) 06.8881.8727.