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The Sacrament of Marriage is an ancient tradition. As early as the fifth century, Christian couples would come to church to have the priest give them a blessing. Later, the priests added the gesture of joining the couple’s hands together or putting a garland over them. 

Many Catholics want to marry in Rome. Perhaps it is because this is the city of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. Perhaps it is because this ancient city has always been associated with romance. The Paulist Fathers here in Rome can assist English-speaking couples who wish to be married at the Church of St. Patrick. Because of an increase in our parish responsibilities we are not able to accept requests for weddings at St. Peter's Basilica. We are now accepting requests for weddings at the Church of St. Patrick/San Patrizio through June 2022.

The Catholic American Community of Rome (formerly located at the Church of Santa Susanna) has been transferred perrmanently to St. Patrick's Church (Chiesa di San Patrizio a Villa Ludovisi on Via Boncompagni, N. 31). The Paulist Fathers, who now staff St. Patrick's Church, will be the celebrants for these weddings.

Wedding2Please be Advised:
The following is provided as a service. It does not obligate us to arrange, provide specific services for, or perform your wedding. This decision occurs only after direct consultation between a priest at St. Patrick's and the wedding couple. Until a contract has been arranged, the Paulist Fathers and the Church of St. Patrick do not assume any responsibility for your wedding! Please do not send us documents or paperwork unless you have first contacted us!

Please remember that Church weddings can only be planned through appropriate Church institutions and not through travel agencies! The licensing procedures in the State of Italy (i.e., St. Patrick's, or any church in Rome) are different from those in the Vatican City State (St. Peter’s Basilica), and the simultaneous civil procedures can be very different depending on the couple’s country of origin.

The most important step couples need to take is to begin the process with their own pastor. It all begins with your home parish where you worship. All marriage preparation, initial interviews and documents come from there. The couple needs to mention any previous marriage (please note that an annulment may be required even if one of the couple is not Catholic, and even if the first marriage was in a civil setting only.) It is a good idea to begin the process at least one year prior to the desired wedding date. Most parishes (world-wide) require a waiting period of at least six months (sometimes more) before the intended wedding date to determine whether there may be impediments to the marriage, and whether it is appropriate for the couple to be married in a Catholic ceremony.

After the parish priest completes all the documentation, the local chancery (diocesan office) must give a Nihil Obstat in order for the wedding to take place here. For Saint Patrick's Church, we need your documents at least two months in advance. However, to avoid disappointment, it is best to plan early, to establish schedules well in advance and to check with the Paulist Fathers that all procedures are in order. 
Wedding17b For more information about the process and about our fees, please contact us. We will also send you a letter of information and one for your pastor, outlining specific requirements that may be different from your own diocese. As we say at the end of our full information packet: We have tried to inform you of as many details as possible regarding marriage in Rome. However, there may be some particulars relating to you or to your intended spouse that may cause difficulty, or even make the process easier. During our initial email exchange or telephone conversation, we will be happy to discuss your particular circumstances with you. As you can see from some of our wedding photos, getting married in the Eternal City can be a very special experience, and if we can, we would like to help you fulfill your dream!

If you have any additional questions, please email us through this website to the Rector

For specific information about weddings at St. Patrick's Church.


The Paulist Fathers recommend the following Wedding Services and Agencies in Rome:

Wedding Consultants (planning, paperwork and documents):

Please note: While the Paulist Fathers perform weddings only at St. Patrick's Church, the following wedding consultants may also assist you with weddings in other places in Italy!

Brenda Babcock Celebrations: Website: 

Brenda assists couples with all aspects of both small and large weddings in Rome, the Vatican, Tuscany, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. She specializes in elegant, high quality weddings and events. Brenda is an American and prior to working in Rome she was a director at Vera Wang in New York. She has been assisting couples to marry in Italy since 2003.

Daniela De Luca: Email:. Tel: (+39) 340.598.0936; Fax: (+39) 06.722.2168

Daniela specializes in weddings in Rome, offering advice and on-site coordination to foreign couples wishing to get married. Services include flowers, transportation, photos and video, beauty services, music and wedding venues. Daniela was born in Rome and lived her whole life here except for a year in London. She always tries to meet every couple's requirements to help make their dreams come true.

Gabriella LoJacono: Office phone: (+39) 06.4390678, cellular phone: (+39) 348.517.4184, Website: E-mail:

Gabriella can assist you with weddings in Rome, Florence, Venice and the Amalfi Coast. She works with government and religious offices and serves as a general coordinator for the total experience. The scope of her services include photographer, videographer, flowers, musicians, hairdresser and make-up artist, reception venue, transportation and even more. Visit her website for more information.

Photographers (still photography and videography):

  • Luca Bellocchio: Foto Bellocchio, Via del Mascherino 25, (near St. Peters) Tel: (+39) 06.686.5365 email:
  • Pino Rostellato: Via dei Gelsi 95/A- Tel. (+39) 06.439.0678. email:
  • Agenzia Fotografica Modica: Borgo Pio, 106 00193 Roma (near St. Peter's)  06.686.7490.  


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Mass Times and Directions

Masses in English with the American Community are now permanently at the Church of St. Patrick (Chiesa di S. Patrizio a Villa Ludovisi), Via Boncompagni 31. Click here for our New Mass schedule at St.Patrick's. For Holy Days and special Liturgies (including our Christmas/New Year's Schedule), see also special Mass times.



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As Romans Do


Our newest edition of As Romans Do, 2019-2020, our periodic guide for pilgrims to Rome, is now available. This 100-page guide to Rome and the Catholic American Community of St. Patrick’s Church is a real treasure. Click for more info!

Papal Audiences

On most Wednesdays throughout the year, Pope Francis holds a public audience in St. Peter's Square in front of St. Peter's Basilica. To request tickets to the Wednesday Papal Audience, please click here .

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