Papal Audience Ticket request
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Due to current restrictions related to the COVID 19 pandemic and safety protocols,

St. Patrick's can no longer provide tickets for the Pope's General Audience on Wednesdays.

All requests must be sent to the office of the Prefecture of the Pontifical Household directly.

It is best to MAIL your request to:

The Prefecture of the Pontifical Household
00120 Vatican City State

On - under Prefecture of the Papal Household (, you will find a form to fill, print and MAIL.

You can also send your request by Fax to +3906.6988.5863 (but mailing by post is safer). They do not use email.

We recommend you bring a copy of your request.


St. Patrick's hopes to be able to offer this service again - once the pandemic has passed.

Please check our website before your trip to Rome.


In the meantime, you are always welcome to St. Patrick's church in Rome.


Papal Audiences are held on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 AM, customarily in St. Peter’s Square (sometimes in December/January and in August, they are held in the Paul VI Audience Hall, just ask the guards). The Pope usually gets there at 9 AM, and begins visiting various sections of the crowd (usually driving through the area). To enter the Square, you will have to go through security first (through the colonnade on either side, as directed by the guards.) Just follow the crowds and go early! We recommend that you arrive 2 hours early in order to get a good seat. The Audience is not a Mass. It is a time for pilgrims and visitors to greet and listen to the Pope. Pictures are allowed to be taken. Religious articles will be blessed by the Pope during the Audience. It lasts about 1 ½ hours and includes prayers, singing, a brief homily, and blessings, all in different languages. DRESS appropriately (no shorts or sleeveless shirts) and don’t bring backpacks or knapsacks. If there is heavy rain, and having the audience outside is not possible, the attendees are sometimes split into two groups, one group in the Audience Hall and one group in the Basilica.

Please Note:
St. Patrick's does not supply tickets for Jubilee Masses, Canonization Masses, or Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter Vigil or Easter Morning Masses at Saint Peter's Basilica with the Holy Father.