Weddings at St. Patrick's Church/San Patrizio a Villa Ludovisi


The Sacrament of Marriage is an ancient tradition. As early as the fifth century, Christian couples would come to church to have the priest give them a blessing. Later, the priests added the gesture of joining the couple’s hands together or putting a garland over them. Today at the Church of St. Patrick, couples come from all over the world (the United States, Ireland, Canada, England, Australia, etc. etc.) to be married.

Many Catholics want to marry in Rome. Perhaps it is because this is the city of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. Perhaps it is because this ancient city has always been associated with romance. The Paulist Fathers here in Rome can assist English-speaking couples who wish to be married at the Church of St. Patrick. Because of an increase in our parish responsibilities we are not able to accept requests for weddings at St. Peter's Basilica. We are now accepting requests for weddings at the Church of St. Patrick/San Patrizio through June 2022.

The Paulist Fathers, who staff St. Patrick's Church, will be the celebrants for these weddings.

To get married at St. Patrick's Church, please be sure to contact one of us, the Paulist Fathers, to let us know your intentions. Sometimes the documents arrive at our doorstep and we have never heard of the couple who wish to be married. Please email the Rector directly.


Couples need to begin the process with us at least six months before the wedding, however you need to follow the rules of your own diocese which often require six to 12 months preparation time (counted from the time of your first appointment with your parish priest). A wedding date at St. Patrick's Church can be tentatively set, up to one year in advance, but no more. A date for the wedding cannot be officially established until the couple has gone through an extensive interview (a first meeting in which general information is taken) with their parish priest, usually their proper pastor. If at all possible, it is good (but not necessary) to have a telephone conversation with one of the priests here at St. Patrick's) who will often be the priest performing the wedding. The interview with your own parish priest will determine whether there may be impediments to the marriage, and whether it is appropriate for the couple to be married in a Catholic ceremony.

We follow these guidelines exactly, stage by stage. There are no shortcuts or alternative ways of proceeding. However, please know that we will do all that we can to help you make your celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage a wonderful and blessed experience.

Also if you have come directly to this page through an internet search engine, please go to the weddings home page for important instructions.

For more complete information regarding the process and our fees, as well as a letter addressed to your parish priest outlining regulations that are specific to the Vicariate of Rome (the Roman Diocese), please write to the Rector today!