Rome is an expensive city for a hotel room; even a double room in a moderately-priced hotel in central Rome can be expensive.  Although pensioni are less expensive, by far the best accommodation value are convents which take in paying guests.  Convents are located all around central Rome and many are located near Vatican City.  Convents accept women, men and families with children, but be aware that most have a nightly curfew.  Here are some of our recommendations.  A word of advice:  It is often best to fax or email when you can.  If you telephone, the Sister answering may not speak English.  This information was obtained in September of 2015.  Please check our website for updates.  And, remember:  when dialing from the USA, the prefix is 01139; when dialing from Europe, the prefix is 0039.

We list these convents as a courtesy to assist you in your travel plans. Unfortunately we ourselves are unable to make the reservations for you. We can only try and provide up-to-date information and the rest is up to you! You really can do this on your own, especially by email, as you can see below. And we ourselves do not have accommodations for guests! Please note that we have not stayed in these convents ourselves, nor have we used any booking services. However, all those listed have come highly recommended. We acknowledge that individual tastes and needs differ and not everything may be to everyone’s liking. In any case, we do hope that you will find our recommendations helpful in planning your pilgrimage or vacation.

          Because we are not kept up to date on room rates, we have decided not to print them any longer.  You will need to contact each convent directly for this information.


ROME: Convents Near the Vatican

CASA D'ACCOGLIENZA S. SPIRITO, Suore Francescane dell'Addolorata
Borgo S. Spirito 41, 00193 Rome, Tel: 06.686.1076; Fax: 06.686.5664;   Email: ,

Please check with the Casa itself for current prices and curfew.


ISTITUTO MARIA SANTISSIMA BAMBINA, Via Paolo VI, No. 21, 00120 Città del Vaticano, Tel: 06.6989.3511;

Fax: 06.6989.3540; Email: , Breakfast is included. Other meals are available on request.


PICCOLE SUORE DELLA SACRA FAMIGLIA, Casa Di Accoglienza Paolo VI                      
Viale Vaticano 92, 00165 Roma Tel: 06.3909.141; Fax: 06.3909.1427; Email:  Website:

No breakfast or other meals are served.  No curfew.

The Little Sisters of the Holy Family have another house for pilgrims: DOMUS NASCIMBENI, Via di Torre Rossa, 68, 00165 Rom.

Tel. (+39)06.662.7501. Fax: (+39)06.660.14.375. Same website (as above). Email:  

Accommodation does include breakfast.



00192 Roma, Tel: 06.321.6686; Fax: 06.323.0261, located near the LEPANTO subway stop. Breakfast is included.

Other meals are available on request. Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


ISTITUTO SACRO CUORE, Villa Lante, Via S. Francesco di Sales 18
00165 Rome, Telephone: 06.6880.6032; Fax: 06.689.3848; Email: 

Breakfast is included.
Other meals are available on request. Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


MAESTRE PIE FILIPPINE, Casa Auxilium Christianorum, Via Giuseppe Missori 19, 00165 Rome, Tel: 06.635.201; Fax: 06.636.347;

Website:    Email: , Prices include breakfast, no other meals are served. Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


SUORE OBLATE DELL'ASSUNZIONE Via Andrea Doria, 42, 00192 Roma Tel. (+39)06.3973.7020, Fax.: (+39) 06.3988.7547,



SUORE PALLOTTINE, Viale delle Mure Aurelie, 7B, 00165 Rome
Tel: 06.393.6351; Fax: 06.3936.6943; EmaiI: 


00165 Rome, Tel: 06.637.46.53, Fax:, Email:
 Website: (website out of order at this printing).

Prices include breakfast. No other meals are served. Curfew is at 11:30 PM and the house opens at 6:30 AM.


Casa per ferie. SANTA MARIA ALLE FORNACI, Piazza S. Maria alle Fornaci 27
00165 Rome, Telephone: 06.3936.7632; Fax: 06.3936.6795; Email:
,   Website:

The prices are per person, Breakfast is included. No other meals are served.

VILLA AURELIA, Via Leone XIII 459, 00165 Rome, Tel: 06.6601.7458; Fax: 06.6604.9467; Email: . Other meals are available on request.


SUORE DOROTEE, Via del Gianicolo,4A, 00165 Rome, Tel. 06.6880.3349; Fax: 06.6880.3311; E-mail: . Halfway up the Janiculum

Hill (Gianicolo) from colorful Trastevere, in a quiet spot with a pretty garden across the street from the medieval church of Sant'Onofrio and near the

North American College where many Americans study for priesthood. Curfew is at 11:00 PM. English and French are spoken. They are recommended by the

Vatican Tourist Information Bureau.


DOMUS ROMANA SACERDOTALIS (for visiting priests and their relatives), Via della Traspontina, 18, 00193 Rome, Tel:; Fax: 06.689.2945,

Email:   Website: The house accept Priests and their relatives. It’s open always and they accept credit cards 

ROME: Convents in the Historic Center

LE SUORE DI LOURDES, Via Sistina 113 00187 Rome, Tel. 06.474.5324; FAX: 06.4741.422. Via Sistina, which runs from the top of the Spanish Steps

to Piazza Barberini, has been the center of action in Rome since the 18th century and is still an elegant shopping street. Only breakfast is included and

no other meals are served. Le Suore di Lourdes is a great find. Curfew is at 11:30 PM (1 April to 31 October; 11:00 AM in the Winter). No credit cards.


CASA DI SANTA BRIGIDA, Piazza Farnese 96 00186 Rome, Tel. 06.6889.2596; Fax: 06.6821.9126; Email: ;

Website: Piazza Farnese is near the Campo dè Fiori and within walking distance from Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Basilica.

All the rooms are with attached baths, AC/heater and there is no curfew. On the day of arrival, all guests should check in before 10:00 PM.


CASA IL ROSARIO, Via S. Agata dei Goti,10 00184 Rome. Tel. 06.679.2346; Fax: 06.6994.1106; Email:  Located near the Quirinale Palace

and Piazza Venezia. They also have a single Handicapable room with access! No other meals are served and curfew is at 11:00 PM.


FRATERNA DOMUS, Via del Monte Brianza 62, 00186 Rome. Tel. 06.6880.2727; Fax: 06.683.2691; Email 

Website: It is centrally located between the Tiber and Piazza Navona. Recommended by the Vatican Tourist Information Bureau.

All rooms have private baths. Other meals are available on request. Curfew is at 11:00 PM. 


SUORE DI SANT'ANNA DELLA PROVVIDENZA, Albergo Giusti, Via Giusti, 5 00185 Rome. Tel. 06.7045.3462; Fax: 06.7045.3513;

Email:   It is located midway between San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore. All rooms have a private bathroom,

TV and AC. Prices include breakfast. A lunch bag and dinner are offered for a small price. Remains open 24 hours,no curfew.

CASA UNIONE MISTERIUM CHRISTI Via Merulana 174 00185 Rome.
Tel. 06.7049.2421; Fax: 06.7707.7707. Curfew at 11:00 PM. Website: No credit cards.


CASA DI PROCURA SUORE CATECHISTE DI SANT'ANNA (Casa per ferie SANTA SOFIA) Piazza Madonna dei Monti, 3, 00184 Rome, Tel. 06.485.778;

Fax: 06.487.1064; Email: , Website:   Located near the Colosseum. The prices include breakfast;

other meals are available on request. No Curfew.


CASA SANTA FRANCESCA ROMANA, Via dei Vascellari 61, 00153 Roma
Tel. and Fax: 06.5812.125, Visit their website for more information at


For a complete listing of convents and other religious institutions that offer low-cost accommodations to visitors, write to: Vicariato di Roma, 

Piazza S. Giovanni 6, 00184 Rome, Italy; or to  The Rome Tourist Board’s website:  For Parish group bookings only for the City of Rome,

contact: Peregrinatio Ad Petri Sedem, Just off St. Peter's Square in Piazza Pio XII, 4 - 00120 Vatican City State Tel: 06.6988.4896;

Fax:06.6988.5617, Email: . The Website: offers a list of convents in most cities in Italy.


Convents in Assisi:

ALBERGO ANCAJANI, Via Ancajani 16, 06081 Assisi, Tel: 075.815128; Fax: 075.815129; Email: , Website:

Located just 200 meters from the Basilica of Saint Francis, the restored convent of the Poor Sisters of the Holy Stigmata is a real find! Rooms

have private baths and telephones. Breakfast is included. Other meals are available on request.


SAINT ANTHONY GUEST HOUSE, Via Galeazzo Alessi 10, 06081 Assisi. Tel. 075.812.542; Fax: 075.813.723. Email:

Run by the American Atonement Sisters, this lovely retreat house also takes pilgrims and tourists, and overlooks the Basilica of St. Claire.

They offer parking, a chapel, a library and a conference room. Rooms have private bath and breakfast is included. There is a two night minimum stay policy.

Curfew is at 11:00 PM.


Convents/Pensiones in San Giovanni Rotondo:

We have no information on convents in San Giovanni Rotondo. Please look at www.   For a complete listings of facilities that offer low-cost

accommodations to visitors in San Giovanni Rotondo, go to and under "Ricettivita" you will find a complete list of convents,

pensiones and hotels. The website will only open on the Italian flag, but do not worry. Go to Ricettivita, and see all the Bed and Breakfast places.

Most of them have sections in English.


Convents in San Gimingano:

We have no information on convents in San Gimingano. Please look at


Convents in Venice:

Dorsoduro 909, 30123 Venezia, Tel. 041.522.4077; Fax: 041.528.6214,
Email: , Website: Request prices with form on website. Private baths and breakfast included.


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